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Conditions of Use Kangur carrier
Last updated on November 1, 2016

Contact: info@kangur.es
Director: Tània Agorreta

By purchasing or using a product Kangur accept the terms of use here present to ensure proper use of the product. The importance of these conditions and terms of use will help ensure the safety and welfare of your baby.


The Kangur is a practical and safe bandolier baby carrier. Very easy to use, allowing you to carry your baby in the most natural way. Your child / to feel safe and is the best you can offer.


  • Carefully read and follow the instructions before use.
  • Kangur sling ring 4Love can be used from birth up to a weight of 20 kg.
  • Kangur Love Carrier can be used from birth up to a weight of 15 kg.
  • In manufacturing we use 100% cotton materials and free of toxins.


The Kangur is a quality product made with the utmost care. However, please review your Kangur for possible defects before use.

Like any textile product is subject to possible wear and tear and should be routinely examined to ensure that it is in good condition.

The Kangur is intended for use only as a baby carrier. Any other use is inadvisable and is a risk to the user. There will be no liability as a manufacturer of the product in case of misuse, modification or alteration of the original structure.

  • Never use Kangur on a bicycle, in a car, or while cooking.
  • This baby carrier must never be used for sports activities.
  • Always keep eye contact with your baby and never leave it unattended while using this product. Whether your baby is in the sling or not, you should always make sure you breathe correctly.
  • Do not put your baby in a position where his/her chin touches his/her chest. Babies do not have sufficiently developed muscles to open the airway in this position.
  • Maintain eye contact with your baby, never cover the face with fabric.
  • The balance of safety may be affected by your movement or your son / daughter.
  • Take precautions when you lean forward or backward, or stooping.
  • Be careful when entering or remove the baby from the baby carrier.
  • Choose the position of your baby in the carrier which is appropriate in their physical development, to respect an ergonomic portage. You can see the different positions in the instruction manual.
  • Dress your baby appropriately depending on the circumstances of the climate, taking into account the fabric strap, so he/her do not stay too heat or cold.
  • Don’t consuming hot foods or drinks when you take your baby in the baby carrier because of the risk that could fall and burn his/her skin.

Kangur is a baby carrier which lets you take your child / a, and is designed to adopt ergonomic positions. You are responsible for ensuring adopt postures that are appropriate and correct to the baby’s age. You can find more information about using Kangur in the instructions manuals of our products.

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