All of the fabrics that we use in our products, have the certification Made In Green.

Made in Green is a triple certification, unique in Europe, created and implemented by the Institute of Textile Technology AITEX that certifies production processes in three areas: health, environment and human rights of workers.

Companies and products certified as “Made in Green” are free of harmful substances for health and are produced respecting the environment and workers’ human rights.

The certification and its work protocols are used by both institutes European counterparts: Centexbel BTTG the UK and Belgium. You can read more here.



The Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 is a worldwide unified system of testing and certification for raw, intermediate and finished textiles at all stages of the process.

The analysis of toxic substances comprise prohibited substances and regulated by law, chemicals hazardous for the health, and preventive hygienic parameters.

The fabrics under the criteria Oeko-Tex 100 are:

  • Fabrics that do not contain allergenic dyestuffs or dyes arylaminas of which are carcinogenic MAK-groups III A1 and III A2.
  • Fabrics that have been analyzed to verify the absence of pesticides and chlorinated phenols treated.
  • Fabrics that have been examined to verify the absence of heavy metals under artificial perspiration conditions.
  • Fabrics formaldehyde free or contain quantities of remains significantly lower than the required legal limits.
  • Fabrics with a skin friendly pH, chlorine-free organic carriers.
  • Biologically active tissue without finishing.

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